Through technology and distribution
supporting our daily operations,
we are constantly updating and improving one another while
each of us is going beyond ourselves to build a more prosperous life.

We create a secure space where we can understand each other
and appreciate our differences
without forgetting our self-awareness and pride individuals and our responsibilities.

We have the leading edge and take on challenges in making use of changes.
We tie the bond of mutual trust.

We face problems earnestly to put forward the most suitable solution.
We take part in community building and commit to sustainable development.

We live on Earth, preserving resources and protecting the environment.
Everything is for our prosperous coexistence.
We live and operate in thanking you.


We are Kitade Kinsaku Family.

At Kitade Kinsaku Shoten, we offer industrial machinery goods and tools
that go into a variety of manufacturing processes.
We find great excitement in seeing machines and tools used to create a complete product.
We have a dream to bring forth everything:
if there needs a tool for academic or industrial research and development,
we shall be the supporting foundation for it.
Through state-of-the-art technologies, we lay the ground work for the creation of a brilliant future.
Bearing such responsibilities, we have set out minds to
keeping on contributing to the society.

Kitade Kinsaku Shoten through Numbers

We want to embrace the hope for the future.

Kitade’s business is at the very center of the living world.
We offer face to face the products that can be had via the internet;
and we want to push forward while proving the values of that.
It dawned on us that simply safeness and security, or the intimacy of sayings like, "I always go there"
or "last time I got it there" starting a conversation is really already enough.
If today's challenge is giving and embracing what makes the world humane, we yearn to become part
of the answer.

2023 marks75years of Kitade Kinsaku Shoten's establishment. "Today shall we get to do this?" - "Tomorrow are we going to see this through?" - we want to always perform in such excitement. We do sincerely want everyone to always have days full of awesomeness.
500 is the number of companies in partnership with Kitade at the moment. Whatever wish you have, we never go, "we are afraid we can't." First, we say, "please kindly wait", then we deliver, for saying no is too easy. In general, once there is a will, there is a way.
39 in Japanese is pronounced "San-kyu", sounding similar to "Thank You." We want all those who live to become happier in aggregation. For such, only win-win is not yet enough. Instead, we hold close to our hearts the spirit of linking "Win" from end to end. The link of spirits is indeed the link among people. We live and thrive in gratitude.
We undertake requests from countless manufacturers and products. Even if we continue on doing the same as always, eventually our business will come to nought. Thus, we are always in search for new things. To afford that, it is also important to communicate clearly and effectively.
3is the number of countries which Kitade's international partners come from. We thought it would be a waste if the wonderful products we offer were hidden away only in Kyoto. Therefore, we hope to spread further into the world. Should we head for Europe and South Africa next?