Through technology and distribution
supporting our daily operations,
we are constantly updating and improving one another while
each of us is going beyond ourselves to build a more prosperous life.

We create a secure space where we can understand each other
and appreciate our differences
without forgetting our self-awareness and pride individuals and our responsibilities.

We have the leading edge and take on challenges in making use of changes.
We tie the bond of mutual trust.

We face problems earnestly to put forward the most suitable solution.
We take part in community building and commit to sustainable development.

We face problems earnestly to put forward the most suitable solution.
We take part in community building and commit to sustainable development.

We live on Earth, preserving resources and protecting the environment.
Everything is for our prosperous coexistence.
We live and operate in thanking you.


Kitade Kinsaku Shoten was founded by farmers from Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
We were one of the farmhouses that made Kagahyakumangoku.
Kinsaku was the 5th of 13 siblings. He was said to have handed over the main house
and the family farming business to his eldest son and moved to his relative's place in Kyoto for work opportunities."People from Hokuriku are perseverant. They would do such grueling, arduous jobs like bathhouse or tofu making" are the things said about our people that I still
remember hearing since childhood. Again, in general, it is often said that farming is hard work,
but in such an attitude and mentality to life does Kitade Kinsaku take root and thrive.
We have put our minds to searching for values in undertaking tough,
troublesome tasks that many others refuse to do.

Yukihiro Kitade / Representative Director


Our 3 cycles are driven by 3 wheels,
formulated from: us Kitade Kinsaku Shoten,
our partners and customers, and the world that we create.
We chose Gold for our brand color in the hope of Kitade Kinsaku philosophy’s
enduring future. Kitade Kinsaku's form - Katachi - encompasses a K from
Kitade and a K from Kinsaku. We believe the connection of it all is the connection from
person to person, bonded by a great sense of gratitude.
Therefore, let's make the world a place full of gratefulness together.


The future that we look forward to

After 75 years since our founding, we at Kinsaku Kitade Shoten have revisited what has been
important to us and will continue to convey it as our management philosophy.Our gratitude
extends not only to those who have supported us but also to those we will encounter in the
future.We strive to foster unwavering trust with all individuals and promote peaceful,
prosperous living that arises from these relationships, wishing for a better tomorrow for
our planet.
Furthermore, Kinsaku Kitade Shoten is embarking on a new initiative.
We have been focusing solely on the role of procurement and sales. However, by using
machines and tools to create the products our customers need, we will be able to address
their demands more effectively. We aspire to understand our users’ needs more deeply. This
effort will not only enable us to tackle challenges related to delivery times and costs, but it
will also serve as a valuable opportunity for enhancing our skills and expertise.